Dwayne Johnson, aka “The Rock” is venturing into men’s beauty with his new personal care line, Paptui. Announcing the launch of his brand on social media, the multi-hyphenate is moving into the space with his own set of affordable products designed for skin, body, hair and tattoo maintenance.

Unveiling the line on social media with a clip, the actor and entrepreneur shared the project with his fans first by writing, “As you guys know, I’m an advocate for wellness, grooming and men taking better care of ourselves.” In the clip posted, he said “After years of development and years of testing this product with hundreds and hundreds of guys, ladies and gentlemen, welcome to my world of Papatui men’s care. Now what we did with Papatui, we wanted to focus on products that were hard-working, effacacious, high-quality, and, at the end of the day, it was important for me to deliver to you guys formulations that were premium. And just as important, accessible price points between eight and ten bucks.”

The range of products in Johnson’s grooming line include a tattoo balm, body lotion and wash, bar soap, facial toner and cleaners and more. After years of testing and development, Johnson and his team have come up with a formula that does not utilize sulfates. All vegan free, all the products arrive in three scents, Cedar Sport, Lush Coconut and Sandwood Suede. The products are priced under $10 USD, making it accessible for most and are available on Target starting on March 10.

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