Ontario, Jan 6th 2024 – On the enchanting night of November 18, 2023, the Woodbine  Banquet Hall in Ontario witnessed the transformative journey of Alakiir Ajak, proudly  serving as the sole African-Canadian contestant representing Sudan in the Miss  Heritage Canada 2023. With expert coaching from Canadian Supermodel Nini Amerlise,  the CEO of NA Management Inc, hailing proudly from Jamaican and Ghanaian descent,  Alakiir’s preparation and resilience unfolded, promising an extraordinary experience in  the prestigious event. 

While the coveted title remained elusive, the competition became a catalyst for Alakiir’s  personal growth. Expressing joy and surprise, she not only conveyed satisfaction with  the overall performance but also shared newfound confidence gained during the event,  a testament to the pivotal role played by NA Management’s core development. 

Judge Suzy Tamasy, CEO of Biz Fashion magazine, and Shantanu Banerjee provided  positive feedback and encouragement for Alakiir’s journey and all the contestants. The  platform garnered endorsement from Premier Doug Ford. The founder of Heritage  Beyond Borders, Mr. Neel Nada, has been instrumental in fostering an inclusive  platform that celebrates cultural diversity. 

The 16th Annual Edition of the Awards and Gala Dinner hosted by Heritage Beyond  Borders marked a significant chapter in Alakiir’s story. In the Canadian Diaspora, where  perceptions of beauty remain somewhat rigid and still heavily westernized, Alakiir’s  presence became particularly significant. Beyond the glitz and glamour, the Miss  Heritage Canada 2023 Annual Awards and Gala Dinner celebrated Ontario’s rich  cultural mosaic, highlighting the need to foster unity within diversity. Alakiir’s involvement  became an integral part of this broader narrative—challenging stereotypes, embracing  diversity, and contributing to the ongoing societal shift in perspectives. 

In addition to her personal journey, Alakiir is actively contributing to shifting beauty  standards by representing herself authentically and with integrity. Breaking the mold by  embracing her curves as a model who doesn’t conform to industry standard sizes, she  challenges conventional beauty norms. As a woman who proudly represents Christ  Jesus, she brings a unique perspective to the pageant landscape, challenging  stereotypes and embracing her identity. 

In essence, Alakiir’s journey in Miss Heritage Canada 2023, guided by the coaching and  development provided by NA Management Inc, unfolded as more than a quest for  beauty standards. It became a transformative experience, fostering personal  empowerment, cultural representation, and the breaking of barriers in both individual  and collective growth. 

Images for the event were captured by Samuel Production and complemented by 

stunning editorial shots from Olga Hutsul Photography, accompanied by makeup artistry  by Olga Ignatenko. 

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