Following the showcase of its 52nd couture collection in Paris, Balenciaga has returned its focus to ready-to-wear with a baggy pair of black overalls. Crafted out of matte nylon, the overalls mimic a utility-style fit, complete with an oversized hood that can be detached via zipper.

Raglan sleeves add to the oversized quality of the overalls, so that the seams match up with the shoulders of wearers of any size. Both the sleeves and pant legs cinch at the ends and can be adjusted with elastic hook and loop cuffs.

In true Balenciaga fashion, the brand’s name is printed in white block font across the right side of the overall’s chest, as well as in large lettering across the back. For those who may actually be using the overalls for utility, the outfit has two convenient slash pockets in the front of the pant leg, along with one zippered pocket.

Take a look at Balenciaga’s overalls above. Priced at $3,402 USD, (£2,650 GBP), the pair is available for purchase on the brand’s webstore.

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