Have you ever experienced that awkward moment when you walk into a party and spot a girl wearing the exact same outfit you’re wearing?

Can you imagine this happening on a red carpet and the star of the show?

Nomzamo Mbatha and Boity Thulo might not have been at the same event at the same time, but they did wear the exact dress at very public, very memorable occasions.

On Saturday Mbatha, who hosted the Miss South Africa pageant, wore a turquoise velvet one-shoulder gown, embellished with silver sequins and beads with a thigh-high slit showing off her toned legs.

Nomzamo Mbatha in the blue Orapeleng Modutle dress. Picture: Ian Landsberg/African News Agency (ANA).

It didn’t take long until the fashion police noticed the resemblance between Mbatha’s dress and the one worn by rapper Boity Thulo just a month ago in the ad campaign promoting her new fragrance, Boity Pink Sapphire.

On closer inspection it’s evident that it IS in fact the exact same dress.

Of course we can debate about who wore it best, but each of the beauties have their die-hard fans.

But more importantly, how does such a thing happen?

If social media watchers could point out the embarrassing faux pas, then how is it possible that neither Mbatha nor her stylist could?

Because, come on, Boity did wear it first after all!

The outfit is featured prominently in all her perfume campaigns.ADVERTISING

Even the perfume samples shows her wearing the rather distinct dress.

Designer to the stars, Orapeleng Modutle of OM Style Avenue, is the creater of the opulent gown, so one would think that stylists would be careful and do their homework when it comes to choosing one of his designs, knowing that he dresses so many celebs.

No matter how you accessories an outfit it doesn’t change the main focus, the actual dress.

Makes one wonder who is to blame when this happens.

Is it the stylist who should do their homework?

Is it the designer who needs to keep tabs on which celebs wear their garments?

Or is it the celeb who has the final say?

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