Everybody’s wearing Crocs these days and it’s actually pretty cool.

Yes, I said it, Crocs are cool!

Just scroll through Instagram and you’ll see everyone from celebs to influencers are rocking them and looking fab.

When Crocs first came onto the scene in 2001 it was seen as a comfy shoe reserved for chefs, nurses and others who spent hours on their feet and seeked comfort over fashion.

No matter what colour they came in, fashionistas wouldn’t be caught dead wearing them.

The basic clog. Picture: Supplied

Now, 20 years later, Crocs are considered cool.

From the edgy young ones to the classy elders, the humble Crocs clog has become a fashion must-have.

So how does a shoe go from a “oh hell no” to a “yes please” item?

We asked Crocs SA Marketing Manager, Ally Petersen, to tells us how they managed to give their shoes a glow-up.

“As a global leader in innovative casual footwear for women, men, and children, at Crocs we aim to always push the envelope when it comes to introducing new styles to our consumers” says Petersen.

“From the likes of Post Malone, Justin Bieber, Priyanka Chopra, Bad Bunny and most recently Nicki Minaj, the appeal of our shoes have seen phenomenal growth especially in the digital and social sphere.

“And now locals are also hopping onto the trend of being authentically themselves and expressing their styles through fashion by pairing their most loved wardrobe items with a pair of Crocs and customised Jibbitz Charms – giving them the freedom to style their Crocs to their wildest imagination!”

Jibbitz Charms. Picture: Supplied

“Our Classic Clog started the comfort revolution around the world and we have a pair to style with any of your wardrobe staples.

“From the unfiltered Tie-Dye Collection to our edgy Hiker and Translucent Clogs, we’re adding ‘height’ – quite literally – with our Bae platforms too!”

Tie-Dye Collection. Picture: Supplied

“You see, fashion to us is multi-faceted and what better way to celebrate our brand ethos ’Come As You Are’, which represents diversity, than to offer individuals a shoe that not only brings comfort but allows them to stand up and stand out amongst the crowd!”

Local Pride campaign. Picture: Supplied

For their local Pride campaign, Crocs partnered with queer creatives in Cape Town to bring to life a collaborative project that not only brought more personal meaning to “Come As You Are” but aims to assist global efforts in creating further awareness for the LGBTQI+ community and emphasizing creative expression, individuality and community!

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