Diesel has recreated the oldest known jeans fabric in history, unveiling the finished product at the Genova Jeans summit.

The oldest known jeans also hail from the Italian city of Genoa — where the summit is held — and were worn by local townspeople and laborers there around 1760-1780. The oldest historical reference is a nativity figurine created in the 18th century, which shows a man wearing denim trousers.

Replicating this fabric, Diesel used handmade Italian textiles and workmanship to recreate the fabric and garment as they existed nearly 300 years ago. The project is part of the Genova Jeans summit, with Diesel invited to take part and celebrate the history and heritage of Made in Italy jeans. The label’s reproduction has been certified as accurate by art, textile and costume historian Marzia Cataldi Gallo.

Take a look at the reproduced jeans, as well as the original figure from the late 18th century, in the gallery above.

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