“Bureaucracy” by Victor-Hart is a heartfelt exploration of the designer’s journey, inspired by the challenges of navigating business registration, workplace dynamics, and the artistry of Italian craftsmanship. This collection weaves together these influences into a vibrant tapestry of experiences. It features futuristic silhouettes, functional military-inspired tailoring, and a dedication to sculpting, resulting in workwear that embodies resilience in today’s world. “Bureaucracy” by Victor-Hart also takes a fresh approach to workwear, reimagining traditional office attire with innovative twists.

Victor-Hart blends Ghanaian traditions with a modern flair. We work closely with artisans in Ghana and Italy to uphold our heritage while embracing sustainable practices. Our label is all about preserving Ghana’s essence by combining a sleek, minimalistic style with beloved local craftsmanship. We’re passionate about celebrating tradition while infusing futuristic design elements, offering a journey through Africa’s contemporary cultural heritage and futuristic Made-In-Italy tailoring.

Creative & Art Director – Victor Reginald Bob Abbey-Hart

Photographer & Art Direction – Giada Ramera

Stylist- Enza Martino

Make-up & Hair Artist – Monica Crosta

Project manager – Oshini Kumarasinghe

Producer – Armah Shaddy Nii

Assistance Stylist – Sofia Accorsi

Models – Adrian Berozzi Cheikh Seye Margherita Ripoli