There has to be a more profound understanding that women also bear the right to wear fashionable clothes without crossing the boundaries of what religion permits. Sensing an untapped consumer market, major labels are now more inclusive and cater elaborate collections that appeal to those who prefer to dress more conservatively, from the launch of Vogue Arabia to Uniqlo and Dolce & Gabbana branching into modest fashion lines.

Islamic style has become a burgeoning global market in recent years. Marveling at beautiful fashion pieces ranging from intricate bespoke abayas to vibrant two-piece sets, Ghana Modest Fashion Week is also an opportune time for designers, brands, fashion influencers, elite professionals and consumers to converge and network seamlessly under one roof.

This year’s edition of Ghana Modest Fashion Week is slated for July 30, 2022 at the National Theater. The 2022 event is dubbed “Home Edition”, seeking to focus more on modest fashion origins from Ghana. Fashion designers will explore the theme to coin their concepts to draw attention to modesty in Ghana for growth in mindset, human development, and economic opportunities in fashion. As stated earlier on, this edition will be a Ghana-to-the-world event.

The annual Ghana Modest Fashion Week is proudly powered by Shamfiz J Company Limited, a youth organization established in 2016 to create an avenue where people earn while embracing their beliefs. It is currently operating in Ghana and partnering with businesses that share a common interest in promoting modest fashion. The company established other initiatives such as Shamfiz J Modeling House, Shamfiz J Foundation, Shamfiz J Ushering services and Ghana Modest Fashion Week.

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