The brand’s latest offering is a minimalist ensemble for an increasingly busy world, with the bold and vibrant pieces for the brave, willing to trust their intuition and chart their paths. It is a return to the ethos of Jant’s Collection, made with you in mind. 

Emerging from a time of change with a redefined sense of purpose and commitment, “Jant’s Collection’s lookbook 22” season births a aphrocentric collection of timeless signature styles, delicately merged with an enhanced technique; whilst embodying strong and structured tie dye referencing a historic tradition.’

The bespoke collection of art which is made from tie dye, denim and is dubbed Indigo Collection. Indigo Collection is not only an embodiment of summer but a versatile way to add a burst of color to your looks. 

Jants Fashion House is located in East Legon, Ghana as well as FIMO228 Boutique in Lome,Togo

Check out the full collection below!

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