According to reports, Kanye West has now been served a lawsuit for unpaid fashion rental fees and failure to return “rare, esteemed pieces.” Earlier this week, David Casavant Archive, “a private collection of the world’s rarest and most coveted garments,” filed a complaint with the Los Angeles court against the artist.

The filing notes that Ye failed to return 13 items rented in February 2020 and stopped paying weekly rental fees back in October 2020. Noting the “Defendants have not responded meaningfully to plaintiff’s numerous inquiries about defendants’ unpaid balance and the missing items, referring plaintiff to individuals without knowledge or authority to resolve the dispute, or advising plaintiff to send inquiries to inactive email accounts.” David Casavant Archive is requesting that Ye pay back $221,810 USD in unpaid rental fees and $195,100 USD to replace the 13 items rented.

“The items are all rare, esteemed pieces valued for their scarcity and importance in fashion history,” lawyers for David Casavant Archive wrote. “They are not fungible commodities. The replacement fees reflect the loss of future rentals, loan opportunities, publicity, and the lost value to the Archive as a whole, as each lost item is part of a greater collection that derives its value from its completeness.”

It is interesting to note, Kanye was a major part of David Casavant Archive’s early success. David Casavant Archive also provided consulting and rental services for Ye and YEEZY Apparel LLC since 2014 with a good working relationship between the parties for years. “When defendant Ye would occasionally lose items that he had rented from the Archive, defendant Yeezy was billed the replacement fee…All parties understood (as expressed orally and in writing and reflected in many years of prior dealings) that because the garments are not commodities that are easily replaceable.”

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