The CEO of NA Management Inc, Nini Amerlise, is delighted to  announce the thriving collaboration with Dallas Fashion Week. This extraordinary  partnership follows the triumph of three standout events held in April, July, and October  2023. Among these, one was the impactful Colour Me Empowered charity event, while  the others were back-to-back seasons of Dallas Fashion Week. This partnership  underscores NA Management Inc’s unwavering dedication to promoting diversity,  authenticity, and integrity within the entertainment industry. 

The events held in April, July, and October 2023 were a testament to the creative vision  and unwavering commitment of both NA Management Inc and Dallas Fashion Week.  This partnership has garnered tremendous enthusiasm, and they are poised to take  their collaboration to new heights. 

Nataliya Nova, the esteemed CEO of Dallas Fashion Week, played an instrumental role  in supporting this partnership. With eight years of experience working with prestigious  publications such as Cosmopolitan and Harper’s Bazaar, Nataliya has collaborated with  top-tier brands, including Dior, Givenchy, Burberry, Gucci, and more. Her remarkable  journey and expertise align seamlessly with the mission of NA Management Inc and  Dallas Fashion Week. 

Nini Amerlise, in addition to her role as CEO, is a Canadian-Ghanaian Supermodel with  a wealth of experience in training and nurturing talents across the globe. Her impressive  portfolio includes collaborations with renowned entities like African Fashion Week  Toronto, Elle Magazine, Glamour Magazine, Ghana Models Awards, Men’s Health  Magazine, Disney, Breakfast Television, British Vogue, The Jamaican Gleaner, New  York Fashion Week, Travel Africa Network, NBC, WWD, Mrs. Universe Jamaica,  Ghana’s Next Supermodel, CTV, and many others. 

In this recent partnership, NA Management Inc assumed the pivotal role of overseeing  the coordination of all aspects of the official runway production for Dallas Fashion  Week, held from October 3 to 6, 2023. This event was a jubilant celebration of fashion,  creativity, and talent, offering an ideal platform for models, designers, and fashion  enthusiasts to showcase their skills and make a significant impact on the fashion  industry. 

The excitement didn’t conclude there. The dynamic duo, consisting of multi-award winning artist B’kem and Nini Amerlise, seamlessly combined their talents in music and  fashion. B’kem graced the October events of Dallas Fashion Week with a captivating  live performance. He enthralled the audience with beloved tracks from his album “Take”  and unveiled a selection of hidden gems that are yet to be released. B’kem’s compelling  and inspiring music has touched hearts across the globe, and his presence added a  unique and unforgettable dimension to the fashion week experience.

These events featured a diverse array of talents and contributors. The Master of  Ceremonies for the October showcase was Guapoo, a Ghanaian Emcee who injected  an engaging and dynamic energy into the event. Capelli Salon Texas was responsible  for hairstyling, ensuring the models looked their best throughout the shows.  Collaborating to ensure the overall success of the shows, Bella Modelling School played  a pivotal role in model mentorship, while Casting Director Shaun Balkum meticulously  selected models to gracefully showcase the designer’s attire. 

Natalie Kelley, a newly signed photographer by NA Management Inc, delivered  outstanding results by capturing captivating content during the shows, significantly  enhancing the overall success of the events. Moreover, a team of skilled photographers  and videographers, including Sean Do, Ellen Yang, Thomas Almolt, Steamboat Media,  and others, enriched the visual experience of the events. 

The fashion showcases presented a diverse array of designers, each contributing their  unique style and creativity to the runway. The designers included Salvador Medina,  Joseph Ledesma, Al’Malik, Taiilored, Elena Barajas, RKJ, Modish and Swank, Bibiana  Hernandez, Holy Stone, Amy’ok, Elena Knyr, Pink Lucy, Kishme, Nataliya Nova Luxury  Accessories, Distressed, 318Studios, and Chelita Lenice. 

This partnership marks a significant milestone for both organizations, offering  exceptional opportunities for emerging talents, models, and creatives, particularly those  of Ghanaian descent. NA Management Inc recently signed three models from the  Ghanaian diaspora, underlining their ongoing international opportunities and expansion  efforts. 

The seamless execution of these events was made possible by the unwavering  dedication of NA Management Inc’s production assistant, Eunice (“Koko”) Wamah, and  Taramazing, serving as the Talent Representative for the Toronto Division. Their tireless  efforts behind the scenes significantly contributed to the seamless coordination of all  production aspects. 

NA Management Inc is a distinguished faith-based creatives agency, dedicated to  representing models and talents while promoting diversity, authenticity, and integrity in  the entertainment industry. 

Dallas Fashion Week is an illustrious event celebrating fashion and creativity. It provides  a renowned platform for designers, models, and fashion enthusiasts to exhibit their  talents and make a lasting impact on the fashion industry. 

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