An exceptional individual of diverse abilities, the remarkable and relentless Nomzamo Mbatha fearlessly pursues her aspirations. The multi-talented South African entertainer, television icon, entrepreneur, advocate for human rights, and an overall formidable presence graces the cover of Bona Magazine’s South African Women’s Month edition, exuding an aura of unparalleled style and elegance.

During the commemoration of Women’s Month, we were privileged to welcome Nomzamo to BONA. During her visit, she shared her remarkable journey of overcoming challenges and achieving success. Get ready to be motivated by this exceptional individual who demonstrates that determination and passion can make anything achievable!

Get ready to rock this spring season in style! In this issue, Bona shows off the hottest spring fashion trends with a treasure trove of beauty tips and trends to help you embrace the season with confidence.

We got to know Paballo Kqwane, the Tik Tok go-getter who is building her career click by click. We also explore the boom of black female podcasts that are taking SA by storm. There’s also more on decor, food and entrepreneur topics and much more for you to enjoy.

—Bona Magazine

Take a look behind the scenes of the August cover shoot, hit the ▶ button below to watch:

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