Off-White™ will make a grand return to Paris Fashion Week this February, with a co-ed runway show titled “Black by Popular Demand” on February 29.

The brand, led by creative director Ibrahim Kamara, opted out of the French fashion affair last season, after pushing back plans to stage a showcase in New York. Next month’s runway will mark Kamara’s third effort at the brand’s helm, after taking over creative control in April of 2022.

Cristiano Fagnani, CEO of Off-White™ said that the brand’s Paris Fashion Week event will be “fun and playful,” in an interview with Business of Fashion. “Youth comes first, with our connection to culture and style,” he added.

News of Off-White™’s show comes after the brand’s parent company, New Guards Group, posted less-than-ideal financial results last year. In the three-month period prior to June 30, 2023, the luxury conglomerate reported a decline in revenue of more than 40%. Off-White™ is a “critical sales generator” for the company, per BoF.

The label has grappled to maintain a firm identity since the passing of its founder, Virgil Abloh, in November of 2021 — and difficult market conditions have not helped Off-White™’s case, either. Kamara’s “Black by Popular Demand” show in Paris next month will serve to remind the public of what Off-White™ is and where it’s headed next.

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