The highly-anticipated Accra Fashion Week is set to return from December 13th to December 17th, 2023, marking its 10th edition with a dazzling spectacle titled “Vive l’Afrique.” This event promises to be an exceptional celebration of Africa’s fashion progress, showcasing the vibrant and dynamic world of African style.

Breaking from tradition, this year’s runway shows will take place during the daytime, specifically on Saturday, December 16th, and Sunday, December 17th, illuminating the fashion world in a new light.

Accra Fashion Week is more than just a fashion event; it is a platform for creativity, networking, and collaboration. In anticipation of the main shows, Accra Fashion Week will host a series of sub-events that provide a unique opportunity for designers to connect and exchange ideas. These gatherings aim to foster relationships between foreign designers, fashion enthusiasts, industry professionals, and creative talents, offering boundless possibilities for career growth.

Adding an exciting dimension to the event is the “Protest Fashion” mini-show, promising to challenge conventions and inspire innovative approaches to fashion.

The event’s schedule features a blend of renowned Ghanaian ready-to-wear and red-carpet couture brands, along with a diverse collection of brands from over ten different countries. Designers set to grace the runway include Style By Magbrien, Tabou, Hemade, Mikoko Deluxe, Lady Alice, Thedressmakers gh, Abena Yawsom, Cross Culture, FashionGHANA, UDEFINEU, Kustom Looks (Ghana), Maria Akpess (France), Be Free (Burkina Faso), Thee3Inception & Nykwale (Canada), Mark Johnson (UK), Terry Made (Malawi), Maakwah, Jnicci (Italy), Erratum Fashion (Belgium), Catherine Natang (Cameroon), Juju Fashion (Benin), Birth Maark (South Africa), Rogue Wave Ltd (Angola), and Edged x Echelon, Arisar, Tialani, and Amor Emel (Barbados).

Accra Fashion Week represents the ever-evolving African fashion scene, embodying progress, innovation, and dynamism. With the new daytime format, networking opportunities, and a stunning array of designs, this event is poised to underscore the remarkable strides that Africa has made in the realm of fashion.

Save the date and be part of this extraordinary journey. We invite you to join us in celebrating Accra Fashion Week 2023 and the undeniable progress of African fashion.