Philipp Plein has just lost a legal battle with Ferrari amidst a three-judge court panel in Milan. The Italian automaker sued Phillip Plein for copyright infringement that stemmed back to 2017.

Ferrari first caught wind of Phillip Plein’s illegal practices in a Spring 2018 runway show. Ferrari vehicles, alongside other Mercedes Benzs, Lamborghinis and McLarens were featured in the event as part of the runway’s presentation. Beyond this, Ferrari has also been pursuing Phillip Plein on a number of advertisements built off of “illegitimate use of Ferrari trademarks.” Finally, Phillip Plein was ordered to pay €300,000 EUR in damages on top of legal fees, which add over €25,000 EUR to the bill. The brand will also be required to take down all Ferrari vehicles from its ads and other published content; a penalty of €10,000 EUR per Ferrari-featured content will be charged if Philipp Plein refuses to comply.

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