Ghanaian fashion brand, Sara The Dressmaker represented Ghana at this year’s edition of Fashion Without Borders. The fashion house is known for its collections such as, ‘The Gift Anti ‘ and ‘The Bridal Journey’.

The event was divided into three sections; pop-up stalls (March 24-26, 2022), a fashion unpacked workshop (March 25), and a fashion show on March 26.

According to the creative director of the fashion house, Mrs.Sarah Quarcoopome, the collection is titled “Yoo Kpakpa” .  “Yoo Kpakpa”, a Ga word meaning “great woman” , spoken by the Ga Adangbe tribe ,in the city of Accra-Ghana.

The collection titled “Yoo Kpakpa”, celebrated the purposeful woman in all her forms because no woman is just one thing: she is living, breathing, moving art. A mixture of colors, sounds, qualities, and experiences with a unique essence.  The collection explores the depths and nuances of modern femininity through fashion.

Sara The Dressmaker captured the quintessence of the modern female in all her strengths, fragility, and uniqueness.

She is Me. She is You. She is Us. She is Yoo Kpakpa

Check out the collection below;

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