Swedish Designer Simon Skinner is exploring the power of the Afro pick with his new “Syntax” collection. More than a hair comb, the Afro pick has remained not just a symbol of pride and encouragement, but one of self-love with the Black community.

The Syntax came out of Skinner’s exploration of self-love, but specifically by looking at historical tools that have embodied this theme. Deeply personal by nature, the collection features eight artfully designer picks that almost resemble decor or sculpture than they do hair care tools. Also inspired by antique combs that were comprised of bone, Skinner’s pieces harbor a futuristic feel via unique shades alongside solid and translucent constructions.

From straight cone-like picks to wavy ones, the unique set of pieces comes in shades of black, red, silver, lime green, translucent white/gray, bone and translucent wheat. Alongside the aluminum and plastic picks is a special vanity table. With subtle notes of Scandinavian design, the simple, yet clean wooden vanity table was designed by Skinner and produced by his friend, Karl Ingberg. Finishing off the vanity are locally-casted aluminum details.
Take a look at the unique Afro picks and vanity table above. Simon Skinner’s Syntax collection is available now online.

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