It is not the first time food has been the direct inspiration for fashion but everyday style fans are not so sure about these new deli-inspired trainers.

A pair of sandwich-inspired shoes have left people baffled as they can’t decide whether to love or hate them.

The “Deli Sandwich Platform Sneakers” is designed to look just like a sandwich, a beige bun area, and 3D vegan leather salami, lettuce, cheese, and onion filling.

The shoes priced at £85 (R1 700) are made by Dolls Kill Clothing Store.

“Current Mood Deli Sandwich Platform Sneakers take a bite, take a bite!

“These novelty sandwich sneakers have a vegan leather construction, platform soles with veggies and meats, and adjustable lace-up closures with olive skewer charms,” reads the description of the product on the official website.

These deli-inspired trainers have been shared by Dolls Kill from their Instagram page and so far they have been seen by millions of followers. Internet users were divided about the bizarre sneakers that look like sandwiches.

Instagrammers came up with all sorts of hilarious reactions to the sneakers. While some people said that these sneakers were a must-have fashion accessory of 2022, others said that they would not go with most of their clothing.

One user said, “I work at Subway and I’d so wear these to work”. Another wrote, “I’ll wear them, I’m different, you only have one life to live.”

Famous socialite and reality star Paris Hilton also chimed in, and simply responded “Lol” upon seeing the unique take on sneakers.

Some fans were not so harsh on the quirky fashion item. One user said: “They are kinda a vibe though”, while another replied: “Send these to me so I can be the best dressed at work making yummy sandwiches all day.”

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