The JEWELLERY ART SHOW is a body art and jewellery show that is showcasing Ghanaian Jewellery from a distinct perspective. The 2022 edition themed “THE BOX OF TRINKETS” pays homage to how our forbearers stored jewellery inboxes.

The show seeks to explore and display indigenous African designs whilst touching base with the heritage imbibed in our cultural artifacts. The show will display jewellery made from gold, beads, silver, bauxite, bronze, diamonds, glass, clay, textiles, etc.

It is sad to note, despite all the raw materials being available locally in Ghana, we still have to send some of our designs out to turkey and India because we lack adequate capacity to bring these designs to life.
A lot of the knowledge that has been gathered over the years is also being lost to decreasing interest in local jewellery with some of the descriptions of our practices being that they are ritualistic or archaic. Why do we describe our heritage as archaic?

The Jewellery Art show, therefore, seeks to discover what has been lost, connect with all players within the space, and actively engage the younger generation.

The press launch for this year’s edition is 4th February and the main event is slated for the 26th of March 2022 at the UNDERBRIDGE EVENT CENTRE East Legon. This event seeks to bring together all stakeholders within the Jewellery space to begin engagement on how we can lift this industry to the heights it deserves. It also seeks to position itself as an international event that brings tourists (promoting tourism) and investments into developing the sector thereby competing with other fashion events such as the Paris Fashion Week etc.

This event is being organised by Enzee Group Limited and supported by Jant’s Collection Ghana, Na God FC and Finda Logistics Nigeria