Ugandan star Pia Pounds is the cover star for Satisfashion UG‘s December 2021 digital issue.

Inside the magazine, she talks about her childhood, plans for the holiday season, what keeps her going, her new body of work and much more.

On the cover, Pia looks incredible in a strapless red dress with a sweetheart neckline and sequins at the bottom. For beauty, she opts for bold brows and lashes, glossy lips, featuring ombre loose curls. Her whole look works perfectly for the aesthetics of the cover.

Read excerpts from the interview below.

On her childhood

I was the naughtiest kid – always getting myself into trouble. I would get caned every day, just like a daily appointment. (Laughs) However, “school” was my number one priority. I was serious about my studies.

On her defining highlight of the year

When Tupaate first trended on Twitter, it trended number one for 15 hours. I think that was my cue that the song had potential. Another highlight was when I finally met MC Africa. It was such a big deal because he was my number one fan.

On what keeps her going

Every single achievement that came my way. Most of these happened without anyone noticing. I would hit tiny milestones here and there, which made sense that there was hope. A picture that was faint became clearer by the day, and that gave me a lot of motivation to keep going. Before Tupaate blew up, I had Taala, which people had loved so much. And that was another pinch-me moment.

On her plans for the holiday season

I want to give back to my family! The fact that I’m an only child, all I have are step-siblings, and I haven’t been so close to them. I have also been so busy. Now is the time for them to feed off my hustle. These are people that love and care for me deeply. I’m going to be like Father Christmas. I’ll visit every single sibling’s home. I’ll also visit every uncle and aunt. I just want to make them happy. They deserve it

On her new body of work

I’m dropping a celebration song. A story for everything I have gone through and everything my fans have experienced. I’m dropping it on the 30th of December, right after eating all the holiday food. I know you will love it!

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