A fire was seemingly lit under Virgil Abloh this summer, as the Off-White™ founder turned his gaze to social justice endeavors like a scholarship for Black creatives and pushes for heightened voter turnout. The former is part of his Post-Modern Scholarship initiative, which Abloh is expanding upon with the “Free Game” mentorship series, debuting today on Abloh’s website.

The “Free Game” series costs participants nothing except time and effort. On a dedicated web page, Abloh has provided a bevy of YouTube links and personal notes related to the process of starting one’s own brand, part of a greater initiative to “supply Black students an education in fashion,” the page explains. Video clips, including the ones embedded above and below, are cited as tutorials for steps like “HOW TO NAME YOUR BRAND,” “HOW TO FIND BLANKS,” “HOW TO MAKE A WEBSITE” and “PERSONAL MENTORS.”

“As part of my long-standing initiative to see design, art, and culture more inclusive to young black designers and those coming from non-traditional backgrounds, I wanted to assist in providing the means for them to advance on the road to ownership of their ideas and brands,” Abloh said in a statement. “I am launching this organic platform for widespread access to information and mentorship. The exact notions and tools that I used to formulate my career open to all. For free. I will continuously be updating this page with the aim of the betterment of all-access knowledge.”

Join the “Free Game” program on Virgil Abloh’s website, which will soon be updated with more content and contributions from the creative’s vast network of friends. Currently, it features study material as varied as Abloh’s own Harvard lecture and a Nas freestyle.

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