Despite already having 31 independent accounts going, Off-White™ is now introducing a behind-the-scenes Instagram to the fashion world. Virgil Abloh launched @off__white__seasons to express the “making of” the brand’s collections.

The inaugural set of exclusive looks is accompanied by the launch of Off-White™’s women’s and men’s Resort 2021 collection, styled by Ibrahim Kamara and photographed by Andrea Artemisio.

Speaking to Vogue, Abloh said, “If I were a 17-year-old kid and I wanted to learn how to get into fashion, all I would want is a documentary or an Instagram account where I could see how the idea comes to life because then I could take that and interpret it how I would want to. So this account to me is going to be the home of future seasons; it will be the place where we can story-tell and show our process, thereby letting people into the DNA of Off-White, not just the surface of Off-White.”

Currently straying away from the usual runway show format, @off__white__seasons provides a resourced for an emerging generation of aspiring designers. “I made Off-White to be modern, and to be investigative, and to try to find new ways,” he says. “You know, me and my demographic, we’re sort of self-taught. We’ve bent fashion to be what we want it to be. I feel like this type of presentation to me is more fulfilling than doing a runway show that only 800 people can see.”

The Instagram account features lookbook images, behind-the-scenes photos, audio recordings of phone calls, samples and test products, and WhatsApp messages that provide a look into the creative process and highlights collaborators.

Head over to @off__white__seasons to catch the exclusive behind-the=scenes look.

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