Lucy Essien‘s first magazine cover is here!

The reality TV star recently dolled up for the latest issue of Vanguard Allure. The October edition, which focuses on Lucy “Embracing her Dreams” also features an accompanying interview with sees the food entrepreneur open up about her grill business and Big Brother Naija.

Lucy opted for a sleeveless tiered pink dress as she posted behind a matching floral decor which served as a background. She complimented the look with a golden headpiece and matching earrings.

The ex-BBNaija housemate who was famous for her sincerity and bubbly personality. showed off their latest magazine spread, writing, “I got my first Magazine cover & I’m super excited.” She added, “Just here to rejoice over our recent win, it gives me some level of confidence in our ability as a country, maybe there is hope yet. Onward forward!”

See few from her interview below:

On what inspired her to participate in BBNaija: The culture of the people in the house and the way they lived resonated with how I lived my life. I’m a private person but I felt I had something to show the world that was worth watching. I’m a young girl with dreams and I was sure that if I get a chance to showcase myself to the world, it will open up opportunities for me and bring me closer to my dreams.”

On what triggered her many emotional outburst during the show: “Usually, my reaction to people is based on the vibes they give to me; so, I act accordingly and the same thing applied in the house. Considering that I wear my emotions on my sleeve, I had expected to explode a few times. But the number surprised me as an individual because it was quite a lot. Maybe this was because of the number of us in a place over a period of time too. Like Biggie would say, it’s 20 individuals with different personalities and from different backgrounds, locked together for a period. So, a lot is expected and emotions are bound to be stretched.”

On how she’s been handling her new found fame: I am still trying to get the hang of it. I still feel like the ordinary girl that walked into the house. My stubborn side has refused to accept that things have actually switched in two months beyond my dreams; it humbles me each time. The love has been overwhelming; the negativity as well. But my team is also helpful as they nudge me in the direction each time I derail.”

On what this whole experience has taught her about life: I learned that life is completely unpredictable, tables can turn so fast and we need to be decent humans every time we get the chance. It’s the only way to not miss the blessings that lie ahead of us. Also trust the process, celebrate other people’s wins and don’t feel pressured because when it’s your time, everything will fall into place easily.”

On her regrets: I have no regrets. I am however grateful that these great individuals crossed my path in this life’s journey. Lessons have been learnt, beautiful friendships have been formed as well and focus is now on the future, building my empire by God’s grace; and with the help of the media and my fans.

“Would you say you played your game well? I didn’t play a game; I went to live my usual life for the world to watch, enjoy and decide if they liked seeing me enough to keep me in the house. For me, the game was for the viewers. Not the housemates. I felt that if I was good enough to be chosen for the show from a two-minute video that was just me, then my real life must be worth watching.”

Check out the full feature here.


Set design by @stylishbyRuvent
Outfit by @fitinperfect_designs
Makeup by @harabeautie
Photography by @i_am_oti
Accessories @tushstores

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