The nude lips trend is very wearable by day and very elegant by night, but it’s important to know right ways to make it pretty! Here are 6 tips to create perfect nude lips.

1) Exfoliate your lips.
We want our lips to be soft and ‘kissable’, then exfoliation can help!
With nude color of the lipstick flakes and imperfections can be even more evident. An easy way to exfoliate your lips is to use a simple toothbrush or a lip exfoliant, but remember to exfoliate your lips regularly.

2) Use concealer.
Apply concealer around your lips and on your lips in order to achieve perfect nude lips result. Preferably, the concealer should be the same shade as your skin tone. This will neutralise unnecessary redness around your mouth and your lipgloss won’t easily enter into little lines around the mouth. The color of your lipstick will also look more true with this technique. And remember, blending is the key! (If you don’t like the idea of concealer, apply a lip primer instead.)

3) Fill up your lips with a lip pencil of similar shade as your nude lipstick. The pencil should have soft and creamy texture and can serve as a base for your nude lipstick to go on top. This will also help your lipstick to last longer and will make your lips shape more defined.

4) I tried many different techniques of applying nude lipstick: tried to apply it with a brush, directly from the tube and I found that with those techniques the lipstick starts to enter into lip lines and looks a little ‘bizarre’. As for me, the best trick for applying nude lipstick is to apply it with your finger. I think that it really can make a difference. Try it. It looks more smooth and soft and lasts impeccable for a long time…

5) Chose the right shade of ‘nude’ for you.
It’s easy to start looking like a ghost or a sick person with the nude lipstick. And we don’t want this! We want to enhance our beauty. This is why it’s important to choose the right color for you and it will totally depend on your skin tone. If you have pale/faire skin, then peachy and pinkish tones of nude can suite you well. If you have medium or dark skin, then you should use warm tones of nude or go for peachy beige (you need to stay away from white, pale tones!).

6) Add some shine!
If your wear nude lipstick, I advise to chose moisturising formula or to apply a transparent lipgloss on top of the lipstick, because matte nude lip can look like a Halloween party makeup. 

I hope you found my tips useful.
What are your secrets of perfect nude lips?

Stay beautiful!

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