adidas and Nike are making headlines together, as the two industry titans are embroiled in a legal battle where adidas has accused Nike of several copyright infringements.

The lawsuit – filed by adidas on June 10 – claims that Nike infringed on nine adidas patents, stating the Nike SNKRS app, Run Club, Training Club and more, have violated adidas’ intellectual property. Moreover, adidas claims its 2005 “Adidas_1” sneaker has also been infringed upon as the “world’s first intelligent running shoe [that] sensed and adjusted the comfort of the shoe while the shoe was worn.”

As a result of the lawsuit (filed in Eastern Texas), adidas has demanded financial recompense in “an amount sufficient to compensate adidas for defendant’s infringement of the Patents-in-Suit, but not less than a reasonable royalty, together with interests and costs.”

Contrastingly, this news comes after last year’s Nike lawsuit against adidas, where the brand filed a complaint that adidas’ “Primeknit” technology infringed on its patented “Flyknit” technology.

Stay tuned as more developments arise in this ongoing case.

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