She’s the queen of reinventing herself, going from Paris Hilton’s best friend to the star of her own reality show and now the owner of her own beauty line.

However, it seems not even Kim Kardashian is exempt from making a few mistakes of her own, with her latest eyeshadow palette having one very noticeable spelling fail on it.

The 37-year-old mum-of-four’s KKW Beauty Mrs West makeup collection is due to launch this Friday, five years after she tied the knot to husband Kanye West.

The whole line is in celebration of the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star’s day, with fans able to recreate Kim’s famous makeup look from her Italian wedding using a range of eyeshadow colours and lipsticks.

Last night, Kim gave fans a preview of the colours that are included in the eyeshadow palette, with one of the shades called ‘PLEEESE MARRY ME!!!’.

“That’s the exact way that Kanye had it spelt out on the jumbotron when we got married in the field in San Francisco,” Kim told her fans on Instagram.

However, Kim and Kanye famously got engaged in the AT&T Park in San Francisco (and married at the historic Forte di Belvedere in Florence) and photos from the night show the pair standing in front of the jumbatron, which actually read: ‘PLEEEASE MARRY ME!!!’.

Here's Kim and Kanye standing in front of the jumbotron in the AT&T Park in San Francisco. Photo: Instagram
Here’s Kim and Kanye standing in front of the jumbotron in the AT&T Park in San Francisco. Photo: Instagram

Awkward! It seems someone didn’t do their research.

Kim went on to explain the meaning behind the other shades, with ‘Field of Dreams’ relating to the AT&T Park in San Francisco and ‘Etched In Stone’ inspired by a stone table at their wedding where all of their guests names were etched into it.

‘MAY 24’ was the date they got married and then ‘MRS. WEST’ and ‘JUST MARRIED’ are pretty self-explanatory.

The rest of the collection is made up of a nude lipstick Kim wore on her wedding day, a matching lip liner, a nude gloss, a champagne highlighter and a pink blusher.

It’s been a busy few weeks for Kim, who also welcomed her fourth child into the world last weekend, via surrogate.

“He’s here and he’s perfect!,” Kim simply Tweeted to her 60 million followers.

The reality star is also mum to daughters, North and Chicago, and son, Saint.

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