Afrobeats star Burna Boy is Nigeria’s first silver selling artist who can now add ‘generation leader’ to his list of accolades.

On Friday, TIME magazine announced that the 29-year-old hitmaker was one of their ‘2020 Next Generation Leaders’ as he’s featured in the prestigious magazine.

Within the article, the ‘African Giant’ singer opens up changing the narrative of Africa. “The real Africa has not been shown. For a long time, the world has only seen videos of little kids and their ribs, asking for donations,” Burna Boy said in a chat with Time.

When he was asked what role he hopes he can play in the revolution, he says, “I’m just a singer, I’m just here to sing according to what my eyes have seen. I’m not here to play any role, but if the most high decides that I must, then so be it.”

According to TIME, the new class of NGLs includes rising stars around the globe in politics, business, culture, science and sports. Joining Burna Boy is Ofelia Fernández, Latin America’s youngest lawmaker at only 20 years old; American popstar Halsey, prosthetics entrepreneur Mohamed Dhaouafi; marine bio-geochemist Emma Camp; designer turned advocate for the homeless Bas Timmer; trailblazing British model Munroe Bergdorf; and Indian athlete and disability-rights advocate Manasi Joshi.

“In a year full of crises, this group offers a bright window into the future,” says deputy international editor Naina Bajekal, who guided this year’s NGL project. “They are using their voices and platforms to build movements, break boundaries and push for change.”

Burna Boy’s full story can be found here.

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