Over the past couple of years, mainstream brands have woken up to the power of the modest fashion market. This diverse, global, and super savvy customer base is increasingly characterized by a desire for conservative clothing with genuine fashion credentials.
A big part of this demand is being driven by the Muslim fashion consumer, a growing group of trend-focused men and women looking for brands who understand the nuances of their cultural and fashion needs.
Ghanaian fashion brand Bushai Weave has just released his look book for the 2021 collection dubbed “Salam“

Speaking about the collection, the creative director of Bushai Weave had this to say:

Salam is an Arabic greeting often used by Muslims around the world literally means “peace”. The Covid-19 pandemic has had a colossal effect on almost every industry and so it follows that the fashion industry has also been experiencing the effects of a global health crisis. Though it has been dismissed as frivolous – if compared directly with the front line service industries fighting to keep people alive and fed – the fashion industry is both a creative mecca and one of the world’s most significant fiscal heavyweights. The collection, Salam, is for the modern Muslim men looking forward to look fashionable. The collection also communicates, Allah’s peace is with all, to Muslims around the world in this isolation moment

See the full lookbook below:

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