Ever attempted tying a headscarf by yourself? It takes a lot of hard work to get it right and I must confess, it can get pretty frustrating for amateurs but it’s definitely worth the effort and stress.

Having a headscarf on comes along with a sense of pride and confidence that cannot be exchanged for all the money in the bank… Yea, that’s right! The most remarkable are the Ankara print scarfs which highlight how culture has become an outstanding element in today’s fashion.


Head scarfs have swiftly pushed their way into the vogue culture. Aside aesthetics, headgears come in very handy on bad hair days. Those days are over when young ladies would rather hide indoors because their hair is messy. Thank God for head scarfs!

Growing up, head gears, precisely head scarfs were not very appealing. They were only patronized by older women and certain Christian denominations for church service thus were not considered fashionable. It’s surprising how head scarfs are thriving in the 21st century. I wouldn’t have ever predicted that, I doubt that you would have back then.

Now, I can predict that they will make their way into the corporate world in no time, just wait for it!