Sustainability protest group Extinction Rebellion has launched its new “Fashion Act Now” campaign, featuring quotes from some of the fashion industry’s biggest names. Beginning with the line “2020 is the year you have spoken, and we can’t have said it better,” the video acts as an open letter as part of the campaign to demand that fashion “work fast enough in its role to mitigate climate and ecological breakdown.”

Amongst the designers featured, Extinction Rebellion has included Virgil Abloh — quoted as saying that “this is our calling to make the industry transform into what it can be for the people, to move forward and exercise itself not as a van profession but as a humanitarian profession” — while a quote from Stella McCartney adds that the waste has “spiralled out of control” while Gucci’s Alessandro Michele says “our reckless actions have burned the house we live in.”

The open letter finishes with a call to arms, as its narrator — activist Tori Tsui — says, “Fashion, your words are powerful, but where is the meaningful change? 2020 is a closing window of opportunity and fashion’s footprint only grows. By 2030, fashion consumption is predicted to grow by 63%. We call on your to transform our culture of consumption and destruction. Together, let’s demand Fashion Act Now.”

Take a look at the video from Fashion Act Now below, and head over to its site for more details on the campaign.

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