As we gracefully make our way to closing this terrific year, we are happy to make this incredibly huge  announcement and applaud this amazing man for his great achievements; Godfrey Mphatswe has recently been crowned the first ever Mr International Africa.

The North West born model, humanitarian and founder of Mr Icon Gauteng and Mr & Miss Albinism South Africa was shocked to receive the title of Mr International Africa this November at the crowning evening of Mr & Miss Nigeria International. Our humble hero had no idea that his trip across the African continent to judge in the crowning of the 9th edition of Mr & Miss Nigeria International would have him returning back with a title of his own.

After his many years in pageantry and modelling, Godfrey took a step back from the spotlight and took up a seat as a Board member of Mr South Africa. He later went on to found Mr Icon Gauteng and Mr & Miss Albinism South Africa in efforts to offer young and upcoming models the platform to grow and find their place in the modelling and pageantry industry. Now, with this tremendous title upon his shoulders, Mr Mphatswe aims to do more than just contribute to South Africa ‒he plans to contribute and develop as many African communities as possible. His duties as Mr International Africa entails of community and youth development across the whole of Africa and by the way this great man has been empowering the South African youth, it is without a glimmer of doubt that he can empower more than half of the African youth. He will be involved in a lot travels during his reign to fulfil his duties and bring change to our beautiful continent, it is said he is already in communication with the organisation, African Kings and Queens ‒so a lot of great and exciting things ought to be expected from this collaboration.

Truly, words cannot express the excitement we have seen from this amazing South African humanitarian.

“To all the young and upcoming pageantry-winning prospects, always believe in yourselves and follow your heart. Find what you love and pursue it no matter what. Do not let people tell you what you can and cannot do, only you know your potential and get to decide on what you want to do. Of course, it won’t be easy at all, but trust me when I say, it will be worth it in the end. And one last thing, always be humble and respect everyone. The limelight can be blinding sometimes, so don’t let it blind you too much to look down on others. Be respectful and be humble.”, motivates Godfrey.

To see more of Mr Mphatswe’s work and contribution to the world, Google Mr Icon Gauteng and Mr & Miss Albinism South Africa.