The Sun sent a reporter on a horrifying assignment. For our series Explain It To Me Quickly, one Guardian Australia staffer asked another to explain why … quickly

There seem to be only three topics animating our colleagues today: the Australian election, Game of Thrones and duct tape fashion. I’ve read too much about the first two. Please explain the third.

You know how you see certain fashions on the catwalk and you think, “WHAT? Surely nobody has any use for that in the real world?” (The tiny handbag comes to mind. In fact, so does the huge one.)

Well, one extremely brave journalist decided to try out the latest high fashion craze: duct tape bikinis.

Duct tape what-nows?

Feature during New York fashion week last year, the trend involves sticking tape to your skin where a bikini might usually fit. Since then, people have been Instagramming photos of themselves at pool parties and Coachella, wearing sparkly tape instead of clothes.

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Oh jeez. Removal would be nightmarish.

While duct tape has been used on runways since time immemorial (or at least since 2017, according to the six seconds I was prepared to spend googling), applying it to your pubic line appears to be new – and it’s the sort of thing only a woman has the pain tolerance to try.

If there are men having a crack at it, the photos are being removed by Instagram extremely quickly. It’s probably for the best.

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