Earlier this year, Mexican menswear fashion designer Bárbara Sánchez-Kane teamed up with photographer Dorian Ulises Lopez and hair stylist Mariana Palacios on a project about female sexuality. A series of intimate portraits of pubic hairstyles, ranging from mohawks and braids to ponytails and piercings, the CUCA Project pays homage to the female sexual organ. “It symbolizes sexual freedom for women,” says Barbara. “Framing the vagina as a temple, a visual space to explore ourselves, it aims to combat the stigma and shame surrounding female sexuality and pleasure.” A visual manifestation of the ‘my body my choice’ mantra, for Barbara, “beauty comes from letting a woman know she is the absolute owner of her body and presides over it.”The CUCA Project7

Cucas_SK_para PS9
Cucas_SK_para PS1
Cucas_SK_para PS3
Cucas_SK_para PS4
Cucas_SK_para PS5
Cucas_SK_para PS6
Cucas_SK_para PS9

Creative Direction: Sánchez-Kane
Photographer: Dorian Ulises Lopez 
Hair: Mariana Palacios

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