Salima El Boussouni is the creative director of popular Moroccan fashion brand CAFTAN SKALLI. The magic of thread and needle was passed down for more than three generations to her.

Salima El Boussouni is a graduate of HEC, ISCAE, and the Montreal Academy of Arts and Design. She has put all the chances on her side to succeed in her career as a stylist. With her endless passion for fashion, she first started as a child model for Caftan Skalli, parading in several countries before embarking on drawing her creations at the age of 14.

With diverse skills through her experiences, both in fashion design and in events, her pieces are created to make sure patrons are always the center of attention in every situation without sacrificing comfort. The brand is known for clean, minimal pieces in its signature crepe and silk fabrics to reveal sensual details that make a bold statement.

She has participated in several fashion shows in Morocco and was part of the designers that showcased at Lisbon Black Fashion Week’s debut show 7 years ago. David K Alone the CEO of Lisbon Black Fashion Week was the one that invited her to participate at the debut show

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