Nigerian singer and songwriter, Joseph Akinwale Akinfenwa, known professionally as Joeboy graces SCHICK Magazine‘s latest digital cover.

In the issue, the Afro Pop star talks about his new body of work, “Somewhere Between Beauty and Magic,  living life in the limelight, the real message behind his music and much more.


For the feature, Joeboy was styled by the talented Oluwatosin Ogundadegbe aka The Style Infidel. For the cover, the star wore a stylish brown corduroy jacket, an artsy inner shirt paired with neutral pants featuring brown snakeskin boots. The whole look worked perfectly with the aesthetics of the cover.

On finding purpose:

“I feel like there was a form of guidance towards music for me. I always thought music was a thing for very special people and I think life just kept nudging me in that direction.”


On his debut album:

I can be very empathetic. I know how to sing about people’s experiences in a way that it comes across as if it’s personal. So, when I sing a song about heartbreak, I’m asked who broke my heart, but it’s someone else’s experience I witnessed.

On love:

Love is beautiful. Express your feelings; it doesn’t make you less [than]. I hope people get to experience happiness and the beauty of love.


On the next steps:

In life, you always have to evolve, although music is my safe space. In the next few years, I might not be making music but I’ll be doing something related.

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