Falling in love with vintage design aesthetics from an early age, fashion designer Sami Miró has been turning her talents toward sustainability and upcycling since she was a teenager. As a result of her creativity and pioneering design technique, global denim behemoth Levi’s has recently tapped Miró for an exclusive new upcycled collab collection.

The new collab features six upcycled items that emphasize circular shapes and reworked Levi’s denim. Included in the collection lineup are the Sami Miró “Vintage Porterhouse Jeans,” the “Circle Trucker Jacket,” the “Strappy Circle Top” and the “Circle Trench Coat.” Each design incorporates Miró’s avant-garde approach to design and reimagines the brand’s denim fabric from an eco-conscious standpoint.

Exclusively speaking to Hypebeast during her highly anticipated LA Fashion Week showcase, Miró stated: “This is a full-circle moment for me. My first designs were made from vintage Levi’s and now here we are, upcycling a new collection for Levi’s. My goal was to elevate the brand and create something different from what Levi’s has been known for.”

“This collection is all made out of Levi’s excess and obsolete 501 jeans and trucker jackets; pieces that the brand can’t sell so that it doesn’t go to a landfill,” added Miró.

The new Levi’s by Sami Miró Vintage collection is available now on the Levi’s app, and the Sami Miró website.

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