In the world of an influencer content is key and social media influencer queen, Mihlali Ndamase, knows this oh, too well.

On Tuesday, the multi-award winning content creator posted one of her striking fashion shots that she’s become so famous for.

Wearing a black one arm high-neck top with a brown high-waist pants from Zara she oozed boss lady vibes.

She completed the outfit with a Louis Vuitton belt and a pair of classic black Christian Louboutin stilettos.

On Twitter she posted two images wearing the same outfit with the caption, “Where the money resides”.

Soon after she posted the uber glam and polished fashion shot she revealed a behind the scenes glimpse of how getting the perfect shot isn’t always as easy as it looks.

Her video post shows how she stumbles on her red sole stilettos as she exits the building where the final shot was photographed in front.

The 24-year-old joked about it, yet one can clearly see that the stumble could easily have caused some serious damage to her ankle.

Hence the caption, “Content is gonna kill us.”

She then posted a pic of her damaged heels saying, “My poor babies” showing the worn through tip of the heel

Her followers expressed concern regarding the state of her ankle to which she responded, “My ankle is okay thank you guys.”

While there were those Twitter followers who were genuinely concerned about her physical well-being, there were others who found it hilarious.

One of the funny responses, which Ndamase herself saw the humour in, said “Me running to see if i just saw my Ex”

Twitter user @_sandibooi added the Netflix opening sound bite to the video and peeps are loving it.

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