One of the sneakersphere’s biggest names – Virgil Abloh – just got his Instagram account hacked! And to make matters worse, the culprits attempted to use the account to scam the Off-White CEO’s 4.2 million followers.

Virgil Ablog Ig Scam Screen

An unusual post was uploaded during the hack, directing followers to a new ‘Unreleased Off White’ account (pictured above). The caption hinted at Virgil releasing a brand new sneaker when a new Instagram account reached 50,000 followers, which minutes later changed to 200,000 followers. The account rapidly grew to 42,000 before the scam was shut down, and the post was removed.

In another ploy, the hackers also uploaded IG stories asking followers to pay ‘5k’ in Bitcoin or ‘2k’ via Apple Pay to secure early pairs of the Futura x Off-White x Nike SB Dunk Lows (check out the screens above and below). We hope no one actually fell for it…

It appears the account is now back to normal, with what we’re assuming is a much stronger password. However, the hack reminds us that nobody’s account is immune to the workings of skilled scammers – even Virgil Abloh!  

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