Geoffrey Mac has suffered a tragic loss. The winner of Project Runway Season 18 shared that his best friend has passed away after being diagnosed with coronavirus (COVID-19). 

Geoffrey confirmed the sad news in an emotional video shared on his Instagram on Monday, March 23. “Hi, it’s Geoffrey Mac. I lost my best friend today from the coronavirus, Nashom Wooden,” the designer said. “And I just want to make sure that everybody out there stays healthy and takes care of each other because the virus is really real. And I’m just so sorry.”

In another Instagram post over the weekend, Geoffrey stressed the importance of practicing measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus as he thanked his fans for all of the love and support they’ve shown him throughout Season 18 of Project Runway. “Hope you’re well, staying safe. Practice social distancing. Stay away from each other,” Geoffrey said in a video posted on Instagram on March 22. “We’ll all be OK.”

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