South Africa, as a nation, celebrated 25 years of freedom this year with our 6th Democratic Election! For many, Apartheid is a distant nightmare but that doesn’t mean that the remnants of such racism can’t still be seen in our society everyday.

Mirriam Ngomani, was reminded of the often swept under the rug truth of living in South Africa recently. The gorgeous model was left with a broken leg after an alleged racist attack at Time Square in Menlyn Mall, Pretoria.

The gruesome attack is said to have taken place in the early hours of Thursday morning. But why was the couple targeted? Well…

Mirriam and her fiancé, Tobias Zehetleitner, are an interracial couple. Although social media will have you thinking that “swirl couples” (as they’re refereed to on YouTube) are all the range like Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott, real life is different. Many interracial couples suffer anything from judgmental gazes to full on violent attacks when seen together in public by racially ignorant and prejudice people. 

Speaking to SowetanLive, Tobias told the story of the attack. According to him, the couple was harassed by white men in their 20’s throughout the evening. First, one approached Tobias while holding Mirriam’s hand in a queue. Tobais said the young man walked up to him and flicked a lit cigarette in his face. When asked, the man said there has to be something mentally wrong with Tobias dating a “monkey”. They ran into each other again later in the evening as they were walking out of the casino and the same man started insulting Mirriam, calling her the k-word and a monkey yet again.

“I walked up to him and tried to reprimand him. I was calm and told him to stop calling her names. He punched me in the face and I retaliated. Four of his friends then joined in and started beating me up. The others pulled Mirriam down and started kicking her,” Tobias told SowetanLive.

While Tobias was left  with injuries on the head and face, Mirriam was left with more serious injuries as her left leg was left broken. 

Tobias also shared that people were just walking by and not helping. The couple was attacked viciously and left on the ground while onlookers chose to go on with their evening until the venue’s security stepped in.

The incident is being investigated with the Police and we hope that justice is served for the couple.

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