Rick Owens proved himself as the godfather of avant-garde goth-chic with his Fall/Winter 2022 runway show, “STROBE.” Opening with Tyrone Dylan Susman wearing the Cerberus Hook Tank Top in Brass, the tone was set for the rest of what was to come, with hardcore metal, BDSM undertones, leather and nylon covering the face and more working their way into Owens’ subverted understanding of high-fashion. Now, that very runway-debuted top is available to purchase.

If the design looks familiar to you, that’s because it draws heavily from the brand’s now-signature Y-shaped necklace, which like the brass top, is made from the Gemini Double-Ended Snap Hooks. To create the top, these combine with Owens’ proprietary Cerberus Triple-Sided Snap Hooks for a design that’s linked together to create a melange of Y-shaped connections, each suspended from the next off of the shoulders which are made with chains.

Brass metal has been used throughout the piece and everything is treated with a palladium finish to give the top a matte silver tone, and of course, no branding is found as the garment speaks for itself. It’s yet another statement-making moment from Owens, who has made a name for creating oddities such as the “FOGACHINE,” a parachute nylon stole, and mega-laced cargo pants.

Rick Owens’ Cerberus Hook Tank Top in Brass retails for $7,315 USD and can be bought online or in the designer’s boutiques worldwide now.

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