Runway Dubai is back with another season that continues to inspire and educate the global fashion world. Runway Dubai is based in the United Arab Emirates, and its 11th season will be held at the Sustainable City in Dubai, with a vision that combines Artificial Intelligence and Modern Fashion.

Runway Dubai has announced that this year’s theme will focus on artificial intelligence, natural fibers, and vintage sustainable designs. There will be a competition inviting students from around the world to participate, thereby encouraging groups and emerging talents. Runway Dubai is hosting a sustainable competition that centers around cotton, vintage fashion, and artificial intelligence. Students have been tasked with creating sustainable garments using natural fibers while drawing inspiration from artificial intelligence and the vintage era.

Modupe Omonze, the founder of Runway Dubai, emphasizes the importance of looking back in time because fashion is one of the few things that both evolves and revolves as technology advances.

Runway Dubai is also excited to collaborate with the meticulously designed Sustainable City of Dubai, which was recognized as the first operational net-zero energy city in Dubai and the happiest community in the GCC. This recognition was awarded at the first Gulf Real Estate Awards instituted by the Dubai Land Development for the third year in a row. Sustainable City suggests that social sustainability can be achieved through an abundance of amenities and community outreach programs.

This amazing and inspiring fashion show will take place on the 22nd and 23rd of November 2023, featuring prominent institutions such as the European International University Paris and Hollywood photographer Mickael Chavet, along with a list of industry experts participating in the show.