Insanely talented South African designer Rich Mnisi has released their new collection – NWA-MULAMULA: LOBOLA, a celebration of South Africa’s rich cultural heritage.

According to a press statement from the brand:

Inspiration: In the spirit of imagining an ancestor into existence, this is dedicated to my artistic muse and the place where I draw inspiration – I sought to imagine her into existence, through a daydream of her role as a matriarch set against the backdrop of a Lobola ceremony. Lobola is a ceremonial rite of passage in African culture that brings two families together through marriage. I drew from the visual elements and nostalgia of being a little boy running wild in the midst of a celebration. In this childlike dream, I was engulfed by Nwa-MulaMula’s stature and only awoke to pieces of memorabilia. My pieces reflected highlights of colour, textures, gifts and prints that are reminiscent of this daydream; symbolic of the packaging that transports me back home. Nwa-MulaMula remains the ever towering figure that symbolises the wealth of a family that will grow under her guidance. I feed on the repository of her memory and the soil that sustains a family, pregnant with possibility.


Photography by @ricardosimal 

Assisted by @lukehouba and Franco Kellerman 

MUA by @kcgmakeup 

Model: @yannick_konan @dylanwentzel @summerzoethomspon @_collinsblaise @dmonxo

Assistant: @phillipmorriswesson

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