“Queer Eye” star Tan France says he regrets wearing boxer shorts on Zoom after his camera phone fell down to expose his bare legs.

Asked for his biggest fashion fail of the year during Facebook Watch’s “Peace Out 2020” special, he said: “Just being home, I often wear pyjamas or shorts when I’m on a Zoom call.

“And as with many people, there was a slight fall of my phone and you saw boxer shorts and bare legs.

“And that was probably one of the most embarrassing moments as far as fashion mishaps go.”

Meanwhile, the 37-year-old designer recently admitted he feels like an outsider in the fashion industry.

Tan believes people in the style world disapprove of him because he doesn’t “live by trends” or worry about his outfits being “last season”- but he doesn’t care.

He said in October: “Believe me, just because I have fame and I have wealth, I still feel sometimes like the fashion industry thinks there are certain people who aren’t right for it.

“I’m positive they would say that about me because I don’t deck myself in designer clothing, I don’t care that much about the hottest new trend.

“If a trend works for me, I will embrace it. But do I live by trends? Do I change my clothes every three months and not wear things any more because they were ‘last season’? Absolutely not.

“I’m positive that I’m excluded from the fashion industry because of that, but I don’t care.

“I care so much more about style for myself, making myself feel good, and pushing that agenda forward onto other people who feel like they’re excluded from the fashion industry.”

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