Fashion is a constant presence in a person’s life. It is a daily task of choosing what clothing to put on your body for the day, and it is not only used to protect modesty, but it is used for self expression.  Although, fashion can be tricky – there are so many supposed “rules” for different occasions, and what is considered in style, and not in style. With this in mind, it’s hard to know the do’s and don’ts of fashion, or if there are really don’ts in fashion.

Riohs Originate Company Limited has established itself as the ultimate Fashion School in Ghana for providing excellent tuition in Fashion Design and Illustration in just six months. The Company is credited and noted for starting the six (6) months course in Fashion Design and Illustration in Ghana some ten (10) years ago. Over the past years, Riohs Originate has provided services and training for individuals/organizations that value their image, style, colour and insist on promptness, accuracy and consistency.

Fashion design and illustration is the sort of job many parents would warn against, worried due to common misperceptions and the vagaries of a creative career. These are five reasons you should go for a career in fashion design and illustration through RIOHS ORIGINATE :


The real bonus at RIOHS is that the fees are about a third of those charged by traditional universities and students can study at without leaving their existing commitments such as part-time jobs, or family/career responsibilities.


RIOHS assumes you’re brand new to the wonderful world of fashion so you don’t need any experience to take this class. The study of fashion design involves hands-on training, so, yes, you can prepare yourself by developing many skills with Riohs Originate. You will be critiqued and your technique will be perfected through exchanges with the tutors and other students. As a fashion design student, you will have the time and opportunity to hone and perfect your craft without external pressures.


Who will you encounter in Riohs Originate? Other talented, excited, inspired young artists. Riohs Originate affords fashion students the opportunity to experiment and feed off of the energy and innovation of other students. In our opinion, this experience can only make your own design work better.


The course and class projects will allow you to build out a diverse portfolio of your student work, which make your skills more marketable. Riohs has a bi-annual illustration exhibition for its students within three months of training, this is followed by JOIE DE VIVRE. JOIE DE VIVRE emblems the company’s four months fashion design students catwalk themselves in their creatives ; the idea is to explore how the creative“embody” their own art in full spirits of charisma to connect with the audience. Students are given several tasks to complete during their internship and finally debut their collection at the annual RIOHS SHOW


Fashion designing courses can be an outlet that is both creative and practical. With RIOHS you will have the true soul-satisfying lifestyle of one who creates and gets to see their creations take place, but can also be satisfied with the state of your bank account. Unlike most creative outlets, this can be immediately monetized to an extent. You will struggle, as most people do at the beginning of their careers, but the chances of finding a satisfying path are much higher.

 What more can you ask for?

Riohs Originate was founded in 2010 by Richard Ohene Sika- a writer, singer, fashion designer and talent manager, which has been the driving force behind numerous citizen-centered and educational initiatives. Richard’s original vision was to offer the general public the chance to take high quality arts courses by distance learning, without prior qualifications or restrictions. He saw Riohs as a means of transforming people’s lives, giving them the opportunity and skills to express their creative talents under the guidance of professional artists.

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