In 2019, traditional standards of beauty are being thrown out the window. People are now deciding for themselves what it is beautiful. Having the same uniform look as everyone else seems to have become less desirable.

Now more and more people are celebrating their uniqueness. We’re now finding the things that make us unique are actually what make us beautiful. And we are now celebrating our unique qualities.

People are even celebrating things that would have previously have been perceived as imperfections. In fact, unusual features have become in fashion. 

Here are 50 People Whose Unique Features Make Them Stunningly Beautiful.

1) Wild Beauty

Being perfectly groomed is the traditional standard of beauty in the media. But this woman is beautifully wild and free. Even though her hair isn’t perfectly groomed.

Source: anotherbeauty

2) The Most Piereced Woman

Most people see the face as the source of beauty. Though you can’t see much of this woman’s face, she depicts a stranger type of beauty. She’s just so fun to look at and that’s beautiful.

Source: Wikipedia

3) When Skin Conditions Are Beautiful

This lovely man has a skin condition known as vitiligo. It causes your skin to lose pigment in certain areas. Most people see it as a “disease” or something that’s wrong with the skin but this man is uniquely beautiful.

Source: sem_kobelyan

4) Eyecolor…. Loading

Most people have eyes that are just one solid color. But this man has a left eye that is about 1/3 grey. It looks like his eye color is loading.

5) Icy Eyes

Here are another couple of gents with remarkably unique eyes. Their eyes look like pieces of ice or marble. These could be contacts be either way they are otherwordly.

Source: hairstylegents

6) Black And White

This African American girl’s light skin and eyes are a result of albinism. Another condition that eliminates pigment from hair, skin, and eyes. She doesn’t actually have white lips as you see here in the picture. That’s just makeup but this junior model is stunning nonetheless. Her Instagram page says she aims to be “Encouraging youth and young adults to embrace their unique difference!”

Source: theavaclarkedotcom

7) Double Vision

At first glace you’d think you’re just looking at another Instagram model. But if you take a second look you’ll see this woman has two different eye colors. One blue and one brown.

Source: septembrenell

8) Charging Up

This woman makes her bionic arm look cool as hell. She looks like a badass superhero. In a cute dress.

Source: Reddit

9) Age Is Beautiful

Aging was practically a sin in the Western World, especially in places like Hollywood. But here we see that age is beautiful. Look at those baby blues!

Source: World In Faces

10) Beautiful Bruises

Sometimes bruises can be beautiful. These are internal bruises.They look pretty cool in the light.

Source: Enceladus89

11) Ginger Beautiful

Being red-headed or what was called a “ginger” used to be something people were afraid of. Supersition told people that these people had no souls. But no one believes stuff like that anymore. Now we just see beauty.

Source: daria_milky

12) Different Pupils

Here we have someone with anisocoria. It’s a condition that causes one pupil to be in a fixed position while the other one functions normally. So you can see he has one dialated and another non dialated pupil.

13) Real Life Storm

This woman is unique looking and looks like a real life version of the Marvel superhero Storm. Her icy colored hair and eyes make her look quite mystical. She is magically beautiful.

Source: melvnin

14) The Most Tattooed Woman in the World

This is Julia Gnuse, a.k.a. “The Illustrated Lady. The 55-year-old has been getting tattoos for most of her life. That’s because she used them to cover up burns left by a skin condition called porphyria that causes burns when the skin is exposed to sunlight.

Source: nuevonortetattoo

15) Born This Way

This is a true testament to how gentics works. Everyone in this Instagram model’s family has the same icy blue eyes. Incredible!

Source: domineckamarkova

16) The Melanin Goddess

Here we have a true natural beauty. This is Khoudia Diop a.k.a. “The Melanin Goddess.” The model is know for her gorgeous dark skin tone.

Source: melaniin.goddess

17) Blue and Brown

This handsome man was born with heterocromia. It makes the irises of his eyes different colors. The condition doesn’t stop him from being a model, it actually helps.

Source: officialmekhilucky

18) Pupil Drip

This person looks like their pupil is dripping into their iris. Apparently, it’s a scar this person was born with. How cool is that!?!

Source: Spikenws

19) Freckle Face

This woman’s entire face is covered in freckles. And it’s absolutely gorgeous. Her Instagram page says she’s a “german freckled leopard.”

Source: swalina

20) Jointless Thumbs

Can you see what’s unique about this set of hands? Did you notice that the thumbs are super smooth? That’s because these thumbs don’t have joints.

Source: vaparapun

21) Burst Out

This woman’s eyes are huge. Not sure if they are actually like that or if she’s wearing contacts. It might just be the way she did her makeup. Either way they are beautiful.

Source: katyamiro

22) Dermatographism

No, this person did not burn “reddit” into their arm. They have a condition call dermatographism. It lets one “write” on their own skin. The “writing” ends up looking like a rash.

Source: bryoIogy

23) Tri-Colored Eye

Here we have another stunning model. One with unusual and stunning eyes. She really is a beauty.

Source: olgavetrova

24) The Bionic Arm Club

Here we have a whole crew of people with bionic arms. And they just look so cool. I bet they’re secret superheroes.

Source: deathakissaway

25) Fairy Face

This person looks like a fairy faced goddess. Or some kind of mystical creature. Her coloring and freckles are just gorgeous.

Source: oddfreckles

26) Doll Baby

This isn’t a doll. It’s actually a beautiful baby. She is believed to have the darkest skin in the world.


27) Many Shades of Black

Here we have two black models with very different skin tones. Dark and light. And they are both equally beautiful.

Source: shaundross

28) The Cold Finger

This guy’s hand has a weird quirk. His one finger turns white when it gets cold. I’ve never seen that before!

Source: Shareably

29) Full Front Freckles

This model has a full face of freckles. It’s truly incredible. What a stunning look.

Source: freckledlightskin

30) Legs For Days

This woman has legs for days. She’s a body builder and her name is Östergren. She’s 5’8″ and her legs are 3′ 5″.

Source: iostergren

31) Introvert on the Inside, Extrovert on the Outside

This woman says she is an introvert. However, God made her look like an extrovert with her colorful skin. And lets not forget those striking eyes.

Source: keirawalcott

32) Bene Babe

Here we have Kate Grant, she’s a model. She’s also one of the new faces of Benefit Cosmetics. She also has Down syndrome.

Source: benefitcosmeticsuk

33) Big Is Beautiful

This is Laura O’Grady. She’s a model. She also also large ears that give her a unique elfish look.


34) He’s So Gorgeous

Who said make is only for girls? Well, it’s not in 2019. His highlighter is poppin’.

Source: hessogorgeous

35) Piebaldism

No this kid wasn’t struck by lighting which turned his hair white. He has piebaldism which is a genetic condition where missing cells called melanocytes create a white patch of hair and skin. He looks like a cool character out of a Harry Potter book.

36) Beautiful Eyes Without Sound

These beautiful eyed babes have Waardenburg syndrome. It creature there beautiful blue colored eyes. But it also causes deafness.

Source: YoureBeautifulLolaLotion

37) Double The Eyelashes

This person’s long thick eyelashes come from a genetic condition. it’s called Distichiasis which is the growth of a second row of eyelashes. While is looks beautiful here, the condition can cause irritation, discomfort, and other problems in some people.

Source: soph0wnthis

38) A Family With Albinsim

It’s estimated that 1 in 70 people carry the genes associated with albinism but aren’t affected by its mutations. But that isn’t the case with this Indian family. This is three generations with albinism.

Source: ArkadiusBear

39) Twins Marry Twins

What’s more beauitful than love? Nothing… the answer is nothing. Here we have a set of twins that married a set of twins.

Source: ateart

40) Different Looking Twins

No one believes these two when they tell people that they are twins. That’s because one of them is black and the other is white. Many people don’t know that mixed identical twin can occur.

Source: mariaaylmer

41) Occular Albinism

This beautiful boy has what is known as occular albinism. It’s albinism that only causes pigmentation to disappear in the eyes. The result is a blue or green eye color.

Source: blackhaircutpedia

42) Red Headed From African Descent

This pretty girl’s red hair is a result of a genetic mutation. The mutation of the MC1R red gene affects people of different ethnicities in different ways. It can cause people of African or Asian descent to have freckles or blue eyes.

Source: Pinterest

43) Pretty Cleft Chin

Most of us don’t see a cleft chin as being abnormal. But it’s actually caused when the chin bones fail to fuse together during an embryo’s development. This occurs when a gene that helps to fuse the bone is missing.

Source: laura_fitbee

44) The World’s Talletst Girl

Elisany da Cruz is the world’s tallest girl. She is 6′ 8″. She has a form of gigantism. She had a tumor that caused her to grow. When it was removed she stopped growing.

Source: Maqsood Anwar

45) The Model With A Rainbow Eye

One of Kate Bosworth’s eyes is multicolored. This is beacuase she has heterochromiairidum. It looks really cool.

Source: katebosworth

46) Baby Elf Ears

Look… at… this! It’s tiny adorable baby elf ears. It’s an ear deformity calls Stah’s ears and occurs when there is an extra cartilage fold.

Source: animaorion

47) Ectodermal Dysplasia Is Beautiful

Melanie Gaydos has turned her Ectodermal dysplasia into a money maker. Shes a high fashion model. Her condition can cause abnormalities in the hair, teeth, nails, gingers, and skin pigmentation. Her condition has rendered her blind. She also has alopecia.

Source: melaniegaydos

48) Beards Are Beautiful

Harnaam Kaur is a body positive and anti-bullying activist. She has polycystic ovary syndrome which causes an imbalance of hormones that makes her grow excessive body hair.

“Long gone are the days when bearded ladies were thrown into freak shows and made to work in circuses,” she writes on Twitter. “Fuck that!”

Source: harnaamkaur

49) Eye Moles

This girl was born with moles in her right eyes. It makes her eye look mysterious and like a little cloudy. Oh and… she’s a model.

Source: Bloggers Arena

50) Unibrow

This girl is rocking her unibrow shamelessly. And it looks beautiful. This gorgeous model was brave enough to ignore what people said so she could be her own kind of beautiful.

Source: YouTube Screenshot

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