The 2018 winner of Ghana’s Next Super Model event, Grace Ama Mensimah Amponsah went missing a day after arriving in Paris where she had been billed to feature at 4 major shows in Monaco at the just concluded Cannes Film

She was also billed to have meetings with the world’s leading modeling agency Elite Models, in Paris. According to reports from the CEO of Ghana Next Super Model, Spark Julius Zuta to fashionpivot, she had already done shows in Nigeria, Ghana and Amsterdam with world class designers including Diana Pinto, Smocky world and Kingsley Ushie and has already been flown to Portugal and Amsterdam to participate in the Internatonal Fashion weeks and the current trip was to solidify her status with modeling agencies in all the major fashion capitals.

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During the trip to Paris, her management claimed they stepped out of their rented apartment to buy drinks only to return to a locked door. Later when they broke into the apartment worried about the safety of Grace, they found she had disappeared along with her passport and other documents leaving behind her luggage.

According to Mr. Sparkzuta, after Grace’ disappearance, her management contacted the Paris police and they saw her on CCTV as she run away. Further investigation discovered that the plot to vanish in Paris was a scheme conceived by her family and planned even before her departure from Ghana, the plan was assisted by Sarah Essien (her mother) who provided Grace the information on how to escape and link with family members already in France.

This morning on Andy Dosty’s Daybreak show, Remy Casheous sent a message and it reads “He scammed my friends after he promised signing them unto his label…he is a big scam and a liar…he sleeps with his models and promises them Heaven…” Andy Dosty then asked the current winner of Ghana Next Super Model, Grace Amponsah to confirm if Remy Casheous’ message was right? Grace gladly told Andy Dosty , Mr. Sparkzuta made an advancement to sleep with her a day before her international breakthrough. Could this allegation be true? 

Mr. Sparkzuta is yet to confirm if he made any advancement to have sex with the 16 year old Supermodel, Grace Ama Mensimah Amponsah.

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