The young model in a recent interview stated that she had no plans of running away, and that she left her room just to visit a friend who was in Paris.

According to Grace Ama Mensimah Amponsah, her ex-manager made that claim that she has run away from her base in Paris which was not true because she just visited a friend who was also in Paris.

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“My ex-manager posted on his Facebook page that I have run away from where I was staying in Paris an hour after I left. I did not run away. I only visited a friend.”, Grace said in the interview.

She also revealed that her ex-manager owes her father an amount of GHC 25,000. However, she was quick to add that, she has no issues with her former manager.

“My ex-manager owes my father 25,000 GHC. I never had a problem with my ex-manager.”, she added.

Commenting on the issue via a phone call, her ex-manager identified as Zuta disclosed that he helped Grace get to the top, stating that he started the project on a ‘zero budget’.

The ex-manager pointed accusing fingers at Grace’s mother for instigating Grace against him to the point that Grace doesn’t even want to see his face.

He further revealed that, Grace ‘vanished’ on the first day in France and appeared on the 14th day. He claimed that Grace never told him where she was going. She never called him as well.

“I helped Grace Ama Mensimah get to the top. I did not have a penny. I started this project with zero budget. I don’t know why she hasn’t signed the contract. She does not even want to see my face. I never posted on Facebook that she had run away. Grace Ama Mensimah stole her passport from my bag. I don’t have any problem with Ama Amponsah. Her mother is the main problem right now. She never told me she was going. She did not call me. She didn’t tell me anything when we were coming back. I met her at the airport early in the morning when she was checking in. I stayed in France for 14 days. The very first day we got to France, she disappeared and appeared on the 14th day.”, he said in his submission.

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