Flawless looking skin is coming soon by way of Pat McGrath. The world renowned makeup artist behind Maison Margiela‘s recent Haute Couture Spring 2024 show has garnered great attention after the Internet praised McGrath’s shiny glass skin porcelain doll effect on the models. Giving the models a poreless complexion in her latest makeup work, McGrath teased to fans that the truth behind the look will soon be revealed.

Several TikTok-ers and Reddit users took to social media to share their own theories with some quick to dissect her makeup artistry. One of the more popular theories from fans suspect that McGrath used Kryolan Liquid Glass, which is a vinyl polymer that gives a clear and reflective film on the skin. McGrath herself replied to the theory on TikTok and debunked the myth, “Amazing!! But we will show the real product soon! Stay tuned.” Fans from all over the world including the high-profile Katy Perry commented, “My fav ever. Iconic. I’ve only ever used that word like twice. I think the first time was Beyoncé.” Bobbi Brown also praised McGrath, “Omg. You are the greatest living makeup artist of all time.” The response to her flawless porcelain doll makeup has been mostly positive and added to the virality of the show.

According to the press release from Pat McGrath Labs, the makeup artist used her own line of products to create the brows, as well as a watercolor-like blush look and cool-toned eyes and lips. Products like Divine Skin: Rose 001 Essence, Divine Blush: Legendary Glow Colour Balm, Mothership I Subliminal Eyeshadow Palette and Lust Gloss were all used and backstage videos show that models were seen with makeup airbrushed on their skin for the polished look. McGrath has yet to reveal the product that makes the skin maintain the reflective aesthetic but plans to do so soon, as mentioned in her most recent Instagram post.

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