In an unprecedented move, it appears that the rapper, now known as Ye has reportedly tapped the ousted American Apparel and now Los Angeles Apparel CEO Dov Charney to be YEEZY‘s new CEO.

The report comes from Puck‘s Laura Sherman who wrote that she “can confirm that West has asked Charney to run the Yeezy business.” The report notes that this is not the first venture between Ye and Charney. Following the downfall of American Apparel, Charney’s profile in the apparel world has been on the rise once again with his follow-up act with Los Angeles Apparel.

Both Ye and Charney have been in the press for their own controversial statements and actions. In Sherman’s report, she notes that Charney’s “own transgressive, controversy-stoking instincts are undiminished.” Both Ye and Charney have had their own penchant for their own troubling comments in the past few years. Ye’s recent racist and anti-semitic comments led to negative repercussions and the ending of the his adidas collection. Charney had sexual harassment allegations and a history of mismanagement in the past and it begs the question of how both Ye and Charney will get their company off the ground. It remains to be seen what is next for YEEZY.

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